After six decades in the buying business, we’ve learned that customers selling valuables often share fascinating personal stories. And we love hearing them. That’s why we want you to see friendly, familiar faces when you visit our stores. This month, we’d like to introduce our very own Sheila B. — a superstar team member who makes our customer-first promise a reality.

Portrait of Shiela B at Prospyr store

How long have you been with Prospyr? 

Since July 2019.

What do you like best about being part of the Prospyr team?

Each one of us has special talents and very individual personalities. Together we bring a multitude of information to the table that we are able to share and pass on to our customers.

Tell us how you came to have a passion for precious metals and stones.

My mother had a gold and silver exchange business on Miami Beach in the late 1970s. I worked with her and for her in her shop where I got a taste of the vast array of gold, silver and diamond jewelry. I found it fascinating and I never lost interest in the possibility of working with stones and precious metals again.

What’s your favorite customer story? 

I had a gentleman come in with a little bit of jewelry and a fair amount of coins. He had inherited it from an aunt and it had been sitting in a drawer for years — none of his children were interested. We struck up a conversation and it turned out I knew his father who, unfortunately, had since passed away. After I analyzed all of his valuables, he went home with considerably more money than he expected to. Just one more happy customer!

What secret talent, skill or adventurous side do you have that would most surprise your Prospyr teammates?

Most of my teammates do not know that I love to fish. They also probably do not know that I play piano as well as guitar and that I write music on occasion.