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To get you started, we’ve answered some of your most frequently asked questions below. If you’d like to talk to a Prospyr team member, please call us at 888.218.0218 or use the contact form.

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She was so thorough and efficient and her attention to detail and skill in explaining everything to us was above and beyond! I recommend this business to everyone!

– Edward D.

Frequently asked questions

What do you buy?

Jewelry in any condition, including gold, silver, platinum
Palladium bullion and coins
Diamonds – loose, mounted, certified and non-certified
Sterling silver in any condition, including flatware, hollowware, serving pieces, candlesticks and more

How much is my gold worth?

The karat gold density, more commonly known as karat purity, is essential to determining the value of your gold. Price is then determined according to current market prices.

How much is my coin worth?

We consider two primary factors: numismatic value, or value based on rarity, demand and preservation. Our staff is an excellent source of information on coin values.

Should I clean my coin?

No. Nearly 100% of the time, cleaning will devalue your coins. 

How can I tell if my items are gold?

On gold pieces, look closely for Karat markings such as 10k, 14k, 24k, etc.
On platinum, you’ll see 950PT, Platinum or 10%IR.
On silver, you’ll see STERLING or 925.
If you’re still unsure of what you have, just stop by and we’ll be happy to help.

I have a certification or appraisal on my items. Will that increase their value?

While a certification or appraisal helps us provide a more accurate description and estimate for your items, it does not guarantee an increase in the value itself. We accept appraisals and certificates from professional jewelers and grading reports from the following institutions: GIA, EGL, IGI, and AGS.

Do you require an I.D.?

In accordance with federal regulation and best business practices, we cannot conduct any transaction or issue payment without government-issued identification. We do this to protect our buyers and sellers and to prevent fraudulent behavior.

What exactly does “market value” mean?

Market value is determined by a combination of factors: the demand for your items and how much buyers are currently willing to pay for it.

Sell by mail: How much will it cost to ship my items?

Prospyr will cover all shipping costs and insure your items for $2,500.

Sell by mail: What happens if my items are lost or stolen?

Prospyr insures all mail-in items for $2,500. When they arrive at our store, you’ll receive an email confirmation. Your items are then packed and stored in a safe pending your acceptance of our offer or request to return them.

Sell by mail: What if my valuables aren’t in perfect condition?

Not to worry. Our prices are based on weight and quality. Of course the better the condition, the better the value. Original packaging and receipts will also boost the price.

Sell by mail: How will I receive payment?

Once you’ve accepted our offer, we’ll send you a check within one business day. If you choose to keep your items, we’ll return them to you free of charge and send your tracking number via email.