Right now, we all have a little extra time to think about what’s important. For many of us, home improvement is at the top of the list — and the first step is decluttering. 

Sorting through things we no longer need helps us put our homes — and our memories — in order. As we revisit the past, we get a new perspective on our future. For example, have you ever wondered if those unused sterling silver sets, jewelry or coins could serve a better purpose?

Wondering where to look? With a little digging, you might just strike gold — and with market prices nearly $2,000 per ounce, now’s the right time to sell! Here are a few hiding places where our customers have had good luck:

  1. That leaning tower of boxes we all keep in the garage 
  2. Your memories box, right alongside yearbooks and unused wedding gifts
  3. The attic you’ve been meaning to declutter
  4. Costume jewelry collections — you wouldn’t believe the real gems we’ve found!
  5. The china cabinet, on the shelf with the special-occasion plates you simply don’t use
We’d love to help you turn old memories into new possibilities. Come meet our expert team or try our safe, convenient Sell by Mail service. Happy hunting!

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