To put things in order means to put your past in order, too. 

Marie Kondo

Spring cleaning, summer renovations — from time to time, we all need to do a little housecleaning. Most of us have a few boxes stashed away in our garages or attics, all full of treasures with great memories attached. Tucked in with your wedding invitations, there might be a jeweled brooch you once treasured. But is the real value in the brooch itself, or could it serve a better purpose as funds for a laptop or a down payment on a kitchen remodel?

Over the past few years, organization expert Marie Kondo has inspired us to look at our belongings in a whole new way. When you hold those out-of-style earrings that have been tucked away for years, do they spark joy? Do they have a positive, useful place in your life today? 

The Prospyr team has seen every kind of valuable found in every unlikely place, all repurposed for cash to fund new possibilities. We’ve purchased sterling silver rescued from a yard sale table. Coin collections discovered in a generations-old safe. An old high school jewelry box with a gold necklace and matching bracelet. Today, that gold may be worth much more than what we paid back then — so it might be time to reconsider its real value. 

These days, we all have some unexpected time on our hands, and we think decluttering is a fantastic way to use it. Why hold onto the past if it could fund a new adventure in your future? 

Happy hunting! We hope to see you soon at Prospyr.