If you’ve ever seen a Google review of Prospyr, you’ve probably heard about Mary Jo.

Since 2017, she’s been listener-in-chief of countless customer stories. She’s made selling simple for first-time Prospyr visitors, and she’s seen long-time customers thrive. This month, we’re excited to introduce the one and only Mary Jo. 

Portrait of Mary Jo, a consultant at Prospyr

How long have you been with Prospyr? 

I’ve been with Prospyr since they opened in Florida in 2017.

What’s your favorite thing about working at Prospyr? 

My favorite thing is the team. I truly like every person in this company. Also, every customer scenario is different, and I have just met so many wonderful customers. Many of them come in nervous the first time and leave so happy.

Tell us how you came to have a passion for precious metals and stones. 

I developed a passion for precious metals starting when I was a kid. I used to play with all my grandmother’s jewelry. She used to collect old religious medals when she traveled. As I got older I studied those as well as design, makers, hallmarks and stamps to find the rarest ones. I also created and sold gemstone Malas so I became well-versed in gemstones.

What’s your favorite customer story? 

It is so hard for me to pick my favorite customer story, there are so many. Someone comes in for the first time, nervous not knowing what to expect, thinking they are walking into something similar to a pawn shop. By the time they leave, they are impressed with the store and have developed a great relationship with me. One example is a woman named Anita. She came in with a lot of coins that she inherited from her dad. They stressed her out sitting under the bed. She never looked at them and had to schlepp them with her whenever she moved. They took up a lot of space. But she felt so guilty about selling them since they were her dad’s. I suggested she sell them since they were giving her negative energy, and use the money to buy something special that would remind her of her dad. She came back about two weeks later to tell me how happy she was that she sold the coins. She paid off all her bills which relieved so much stress. Her dad was a bird watcher, so she took my advice and bought a little glass bird and kept it on the windowsill. Every morning when she drinks her coffee, she looks at that bird and thinks about her dad.

What secret talent, skill or adventurous side do you have that would most surprise your Prospyr teammates? 

I am a two-time NYC Marathon finisher. A certified yoga teacher. A certified Level 1 belayer in rock climbing. A roller coaster junkie.